Looking for Homes for sale in South Florida?

evan davis

Evan Davis is South Florida’s preferred buyer’s agent!

With thousands of South Florida real estate professionals in the area it may seem like a daunting task to find an agent who can help you locate and negotiate the perfect home that will meet all of your needs. It may also be a difficult task to find a full-time agent who is ready to give you the time and attention required to prepare you to make a move on that perfect home once it has been located. The Wright Team prides itself on taking the time needed up front and during the process with each and every client to prepare them to be in a strong position during the negotiations on a home.
The Wright team is happy to provide free consultations for our buyers and sellers.  If you are thinking about making a purchase and it is your first time buying a home or if it has been a little while since you last purchased here are some points to think about before we dive in:

A few things to consider before you start shopping:
• Have you already had the opportunity to shop rates with some local lenders?
• What specific amenities are you searching for in your next neighborhood?

  • What size home will suit your needs?  Are you looking for a particular amount of bedrooms or a certain square footage?
    • Will the ability to walk or bike to entertainment be important to you?
  • How much outdoor entertaining do you plan on doing and how much space will that require?
    • Is living in a gated community important to you?  If so have you considered how much you are willing to spend per month for your HOA?
  • Does your neighborhood need to be dog friendly?

Finding the perfect home in South Florida doesn’t have to be difficult, let us guide you through the most enjoyable shopping experience yet, the Wright team is the Right choice for you!



If you’re interested in buying in South Florida we’d love to help you find your dream home.