In today’s competitive real estate market, waiting just a single day can be the difference between purchasing the home you’ve fallen in love with or being stuck with your second choice.

In fact, if there are multiple offers, sellers are usually inclined to negotiate with the 1st buyer to submit an offer. That’s why The Wright Team developed The Same Day Showing program.  You are our priority and we will do everything in our power to get you inside the homes you are interested in within 24 hours of your showing request. No longer do you need to worry that you may miss out on the perfect home for you because no one was available to show the home. With The Wright Team, a buyer representative will always be available to show you the home/homes that you are interested in.  We know your time is important so we are committed to making the process of scheduling all the homes you’d like to see as easy and pleasant as possible. We ensure that you will have every opportunity to purchase the home you have been waiting for the day that home hits the market. Just like you are eager to purchase your dream home, we are eager to help.

Don’t let the perfect home for you slip through your hands, call the Wright Team today for your Same Day Showing.

Questions about the Same Day Showing:

Q:Do I need have a prequalification letter?

A:Most homes for sale in South Florida require a prequalification letter before the seller will allow the home to be shown. Because of this we have cultivated relationships with top tier lenders in our area who are standing by 7 days a week to answer your questions and get you your pre-approval.

Q:What if I’m using cash to purchase the home?

A:Please bring a suitcase full of unmarked bills in 10,000.00 increments to the showing.. Just kidding, obviously don’t do that. I will inform the seller that you are cash buyer and when it is time to submit an offer we will provide them with a “proof of funds” letter.

Q:What If a listing requires a prequalification letter and I dont have one?

A:No problem at all, we have cultivated relationships with top tier lenders in our area who are standing by 7 days a week to get you the approval needed or answer any financing questions you may have within no time at all.

Q:What if I haven’t found a home that I want to see yet but would still like to schedule a time to look at some properties?

A:It would be our pleasure to suggest some properties to you that match what you’re looking for. Please call or email us so we can talk about what you are looking for and schedule a time to start looking.

Q:How quickly can you get my offer submitted?

A: The Wright Team is dedicated to keeping up with the latest and greatest in real estate technology and can submit an offer for you remotely within minutes

Q:Don’t you have other clients? How can you ensure availability?

A:Of course we do, but we are full-time agents who operate as a true team which allows us to better serve our clients and maximize our time as efficiently as possible.

Q:How do I contact you if I see a home that I would like to see in person?

A:Please call or text us immediately at 561-758-4044 for the fastest response so we can begin scheduling your “Same Day Showing”

Q:What if a listing isn’t available to be seen at a particular time?

A:You and your home search is our priority, we will get you inside the home as soon the seller will allow us to get you on the inside.

Q:What if there are already offers on a home that I am interested in.

A:Until a home is under contract there is still a chance that we could submit an offer for you and win, but time is certainly of the essence in this scenario.

Contact us below if you have any further questions.