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This Fall, Something New is Cooking in South Florida

South Florida has always been a great place to find unique and interesting restaurants that serve delicious, fresh, and inventive cuisine. With our wide array of fresh-caught seafood and mouth-wateringly vibrant and exotic produce grown right here in our own backyards, it’s no wonder that so many restaurants are able to cook up some truly tantalizing and fun dishes. But with so many restaurants to choose from, it’s hard to get to try everything!

In the month of September, a host of food festivals aim to solve that confounding problem. Miami Spice, Flavor Palm Beach, and Boca Raton Restaurant Month all aim to promote the unique and inspiring restaurants that are here in our very own neighborhoods that you may not have noticed before, offering fixed price, 3-course meals that showcase their finest and most exciting dishes. So if you’re a foodie or just interested in learning more about the local restaurants in your area, South Florida in September is the place you want to be!

Miami Spice:

miami spice foodThe Miami Spice food festival is a long-standing tradition in downtown Miami and surrounding areas with the goal of exposing both locals and tourists to the wide array of dining options that Miami offers. From beachfront, Caribbean fair to intimate wine bars, from upscale sushi bars to homey Italian bistros, and everything in between, Miami Spice will surely highlight the best restaurants that you never knew were right down the street! Some things to know about Miami Spice:

  • Over 200 participating restaurants offer fixed-price, 3-course menu options for lunch/brunch or dinner (and in some cases, both).
  • Lunches/brunches are priced at $23, and dinners at $39.
  • No tickets, memberships, or sign-ups are needed! Simply visit the Miami Spice website ( to find the list of participating restaurants and when they’re offering Miami Spice fixed-price menu options.
  • Reservations are not required but strongly recommended, as it’s a busy and exciting time for diners in Miami!

Flavor Palm Beach:

At Flavor Palm Beach, more than 50 of the Treasure Coast’s most exciting and authentic local restaurants put their best selves on display, with a wide range of unique dishes showcasing the fresh food of the area and the inventive culinary mastery of our award-winning chefs! From Boca Raton all the way up the coast to the Jupiter Inlet, restaurants of all different types participate in this exciting annual event. Try Pistache in West Palm Beach for an intimate and authentic French dining experience. Or Tanzy, in Boca, offers upscale Italian dining to rival the best restaurants in Rome! There’s something for everyone, so if you’re in the Palm Beaches, it’s time to get out and dine! Here are some things to know about Flavor Palm Beach:

  • The event begins on September 1st and ends on September 30th.
  • Participating restaurants offer 3-course fixed-price menus at $20 for lunch, and between $30 and $45 for dinner.
  • No tickets, memberships, or prior sign-ups are required, but reservations are strongly recommended (for a list of participating restaurants, visit the event website at

Boca Raton Restaurant Month:

boca restaurant monthAmong the towns along the Treasure Coast and in Palm Beach County, no other celebrates the true enjoyment derived from a night out dining like Boca Raton does. It is perhaps for this reason that Boca Raton has set off to create a food festival of its very own! For the second year in a row, The Boca Raton Restaurant Month showcases the fun, upscale, contemporary dining experience of over 50 different restaurants and gastropubs and allows both visitors and locals the opportunity to enjoy authentic local fair. Participating restaurants like the Kee Grill and True Food Kitchen give diners a true taste of the freshest food in Florida. Come join us in Boca Raton for a month of mouthwatering discovery! Some things to know about the Boca Raton Restaurant Month:

  • Meals are fixed-price, 3-course, and cost between $21 and $25 for lunch, and $36 and $40 for dinner.
  • Like Miami Spice and Palm Beach Flavor, no tickets or sign-ups are needed, but reservations are recommended.
  • Not all restaurants serve their fixed-price Restaurant Month meals at all times, so please visit to find out if your favorite restaurant is participating, and confirm when you make reservations that Restaurant Month meals are being served at that time.

With so many great food festivals happening all across South Florida, it’s time to get out and dine. Bon Appetite!